About Me

My Art


I organize my layers very particularly, so that it's easy to go back and fix mistakes.

From bottom to top:

  1. Background Color

  2. Ground Shadows (Below everything else)

  3. Color

  4. Details and Accents

  5. Line Art

  6. Shading

Order of Operations

I follow the same order of operations whenever I draw something. I start with a rough sketch of what I want the character to look like, then I trace that smoothly and that becomes my line-art layer. Then I make a new layer and fill in the lines with a color, and then I go over that color with the colors I want with transparency locked. After that I do textures and after that shading. Then I go back and do some final touches, and then share it to the world! (or just reddit)

Haha wow! There's nothing here!